Sunday, April 22, 2012

AAPA 2012

So it was wonderful to see my family (alas no photos yet of them) and a very lovely time in Portland at the AAPA as well; photos put up primarily for above-mentioned family to see, in fact. Pictures courtesy of Gemma and Anna (better photographers than I ever will be).
Me, extraordinarily happy to be in an American diner

Dad and Mom!

Voodoo Doughnut
Sign in gift shop
Laydeez of the Aiello Lab
Another poster in a gift shop
Keep Portland Weird
Anna doing her best to keep Portland weird
Me by my conference poster
Modern humans and skulls
Santeria Mexican restaurant
Meet the ancestors
My Pretty Portland


Melanie said...

What was your poster on?

The Viva Voce Virus said...

Hello Melanie! It was on how the way humans categorise & essentialise - basically that certain things we consider "natural kinds" i.e. substances, animals, plants, aren't perhaps as "true" categories as we think they are. Basically I looked at 16 years of UK newspaper reporting and whether people made any changes in whether they considered humans as apes, whether they consider humans as animals and whether they considered humans as primates.

And yes, there was a change, and it does seem to be affected by environment (in conservative times, such as now, we protect our in-group of "humanity" much more vigorously than in 1995). So... it's possible that many categories that we consider as societal "natural kinds" such as gender or sexuality are similarly more rigidified due to environmenet and therefore even science may be reflecting and/or operating under a binarism that may not truly exist.

That's sort of what the poster was about. ;) My future thesis is going to go into deeper issues of in-group/out-group intrahumanisation (which is the idea that one's in-group is more human than the out-groups...)

Melanie said...

Very cool, Kathleen! I just spent a week at the Nat'l Mathematics conference (yours sounds more fun).I look forward to hearing about how its all going. I can tell you're excited about this topic and school; which is just how it should be!
So glad to know you're doing well and looking marvelous!

The Viva Voce Virus said...

Likewise. :)

You were always good at math!

(meant infrahumanization, not intrahumanization [above])

UCL admirer said...

U are very beautiful Kathleen

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